3:30 to 4:00

Getting ready to start the class

Snacks Provided by Urbano


3:45 to 4:00

Reviewing Photos and Instagram Account, Download Photos

4:00 to 4:10
Get ready for interview day
Make sure your phone is fully charged
4:10 to 5:30
For our visit to Egleston Square please:
Upload two photos to Instagram and
1 video
For the photos don’t forget to add the #egleston.us and the location.
Take Measurements of  Caribbean Consultant and YMCA

While documenting please follow the next steps:

Introduce yourselves

Explain who you are and with who you are working with

Say a few words describing the project

For example

City Journalist goal is to create a digital portrait of the Egleston Square community that includes its rich history, as well as family, friends and costumer’s memories. We are going to be taking photos and video of your business.

For the final stage of the class we are planning to do a festival on December 12 along with the Tree Lighting Ceremony.  One part of the event is a rear projection which will include some of the windows on Washington Street.

Ask if it’s ok to do the interviews.

While using your cellphone please consider:

During Photos include details like the type of food they are selling or the item they are selling
During videos make sure your posture is correct( Hold you cellphones with your two hands and a firm stand). Make sure your videos are not longer than 30 sec ideally 15.

If you have a good relation with the interviewee ask him to send a message to the Egleston community and to the people who don’t know about Egleston square.