City Journalist II


3:30 to 4:00
Getting ready to start the class
Snacks Provided by Urbano

4:00 to 4:30
Create 2 groups and write a story no longer than 25 words about Egleston Square

4:30 to 5:00
Creating and Design Process

Concept Development
Historical Research
Digital Documentation

Mood Board
Story Board

What is concept Development

-Ask questions that are going to help you tell a story.
What do you want to tell the audience?
What is the best media to express your idea?
Who are your spectators?
What is your goal?

-Do research, put it together and note down your thoughts.

-Write your conclusions; start sketching your story with words, make a list of keywords.

-Know your partners’ skills and make a list of the hardware and software you are going to need

Mood Board- Inspiration Boards

This is a collage of all your inspirations, influences, and dreams. It could be artists, musicians, performances, web artists, concepts, talks, colors, etc.

* Choose the right format for your Mood board: Paper and scissors, video, Pinterest, etc.

Why Mood Boards are relevant?

-It saves you time
-You get a feeling of colors and composition
-It complements what are you writing (A picture is worth of thousands words)
-It’s great to establish the aesthetics, looks and feel
-Use the right tool that fits your style
(sample and process mood board)

Storyboard (next class)

5:00 to 5:10
5:10 to 6:20
Organize Files, Photoshop Exercise, Create Mood Board
6:20 to 6:30
Clean Up (this include picking up trash, turn off computers and clean dishes)


Boston Street Cars
History time: The origin of Egleston Square’s name
Boston Public Library Egleston Square Branch
Jamaica Plain Historical Society
Egleston Square Main Street
Commercial Casebook: Egleston Square