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Safiyyah Johnson

Safiyyah Johnson

Joined on: July 13th, 2015


My name is Safiyyah Johnson and I am 16 years old. I dont want to talk about myself so Ill talk about my dream guy. My dream guy is 6'1 exactly, not too buff, but can't be a stick, nice style, not too hood but not to classy, blue or green eyes, maybe a light brown, wavy stylish hair, preferably brown, capable of being put into a bun, tanned skin, not too dark not too pale. nice eyebrows can't be bushy, no chest hair, no facial hair(maybe a little mustache), gotta have a good job(HE GOT MONEY), has enough to take me to dinner and H&M, cant be clingy or the jealous type, not the corny type, and a good education (international business or doctorate degree), healthy habits, doesnt smoke, not too much drinking, no known family illness, will consent to monthly testing of drug and or sti/d, has to speak all romance languages, sensibly romantic, chivalrous, a good personality, adventurous, likes traveling, can take a joke, respectable, has to have decent feet, no bitten fingernails, and this is all a joke hahaha you read it all (if you do encounter someone of these sorts, please send them my way.)

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