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Anthony Peña

Anthony Peña

Joined on: July 13th, 2015


My overthinking, enthusiasm, and energy are challenges or disadvantages, but they are of course also skills. I try employing these things within my work through spontaneity and social commentary. I’ve attained social practice skills and am a former visual art major at Boston Arts Academy and have studied and created multi-disciplinary works of contemporary art here at Urbano. I spend my time outside of school apart from Urbano at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum as a Teen-Behind-the-Scene. There, I facilitate art making workshops inspired by Mrs. Gardner's collection and I have also been trained to facilitate conversations about art using Visual Thinking Strategies. Everything I do is to develop as an artist/activist/citizen/human being. I am engaged in my community, I’m passionate about creating art for social change and I am invested in the city of Boston. Follow me on Instagram @antzillazilla

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