Discussion about mood boards each group has 5 min to present (20 min)
Each student is going to upload their image to the blog and we are going to have a walkthrough the blog (30 min) add a caption
Separate in groups of 4 discuss with your group and write down in your journal (30 min)
-Write the conclusion in the blog of what was their experience.

-Write the key points:

-what they observe

-what type of community Egleston Square has

-what type of stores.

Write a story no longer than 25 words. Be prepared to read a story in class (30 min)

Create a logo to be printed on the baseball cups. (60 min)
– Steps of how to create a logo

– Work as a groups

-We are going to meet as a class an choose the logo that best describes us

Assignment: Create a bio story using your cellphone, use as a reference the writing you made about yourself