Information changes as technology is more accessible to everybody. Everyday stories are available in seconds thanks to fast connections as well as the improvement in quality and number of apps. The cellphone is no longer an element that is used only for the purpose of making phone calls, but is the tool to connect with your social networks, photos, videos, geotag and hashtags.  Thanks to cellphone videos and photos, people’s innocence or the abuse of power have been documented and exposed.

In this project the lead artist Lina Maria Giraldo works with the teen artists and their cellphones to interview the Egleston Square Community.  We concentrate on the Washington Street area, particularly the places where they share interests: its businesses.  From convenience stores and barber shops to restaurants. Our goal would be to provide them with a voice that seems to be forgotten in the struggle of quick gentrification and strong differences of cultural backgrounds.

City journalist  brings authenticity to keep their people together and decrease apathy in their surroundings. Stories have the ability to change the world. In order to unite our community, every story counts.

The artists gather information following the principal of collective storytelling using their cellphone. We would touch on the following:

How can local businesses continue to maintain Egleston Square’s identity?

How hard has their community been affected by the influx of new homebuyers?

Are the business being affected by the spike in the rent in Jamaica Plain?

How can we improve diversity and integration in Egleston Square?

Memories from the personal life and their business.

The project will investigate these questions through the teen artist’s eyes using their cellphones as tool for gathering stories and relate with them with their geographic location, incorporating a social network like Instagram .

The artists will be divided in groups and go to the interviews throughout the class. We would introduce and identify ourselves as artists/journalists and create a relationship with the community.