_DSC1862 _DSC1876 DSC_1857 DSC_1859This saturday, was the Egleston winter festival in which Urbano was hosting. We finally got to see all the projects we worked so hard on be put in to play and able for the whole public to see as well. I was apart of two groups, City Journalists and Public Art Take Back. In public art take back we had to perform in front of a very big crowd. We honestly weren’t expecting that much people, be we played the interactive games with them, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. As for City Journalist it was amazing to the see the installations that we worked so hard to build up. The instagram piece was very nice and overall in both presentations it was nice to be able to share your art with other people. As for the other projects they were very nice as well, especially the installations in the library from Searching Lines. Above are a couple pictures from the event.