On November 7th Lina , Anthony and I attended a panel lead by City performance art center .I honestly had an amazing time at he panel. Before we presented we were able to attend two Workshops. The first workshop was called High square task force. During the workshop made these little jellyfish and on the long strips of paper we gave ideas for the Franklin Park Art Grove that they hold every September. After a small lunch break i had the pleasure in joining another workshop called Theater Defense. Basically it is a LGBT Theater program where they do Frozen images and exercises about what people in the LGBT community go through. I have to say i very much enjoyed it. And i do plan on joining the Theater Defense program soon. After both workshops we presented and i  must say i was a nervous wreck when we did. i was shaking like a frightened puppy. But in the end i did pretty well and i hope soon i can attend another panel like this one.