Tips for a good interview.
Welcome: Explain who you are and the project
Preparation: Inform your interview some of the question you are going to ask
Place: Make sure you and the interviewee are comfortable
Interview: Use your prepare questions. Trust your instincts.  If you finds something that move you try to ask more questions
Final: Get his/her info email or phone so you can invite them to see their website or invite them to the final exhibition

General Questions
How can local businesses continue to maintain Egleston Square’s identity?
How hard has their community been affected by the influx of new homebuyers?
Are the business being affected by the spike in the rent in Jamaica Plain?
How can we improve diversity and integration in Egleston Square?
Personal Background
What is your name?
When and where were you born?
What is your ethnic background?
Where did you grow up?
What is your best memory of childhood? Worst?
Regarding the Business
How long have you been on Egleston Square?
What do you sell?
Who are your costumers?
Do you have any favorite stories about your clients?
Do you have any favorite stories from your work life?
What lessons has your work life taught you?