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My Experience

Today We had the chance to pass out filers to the people we interviewed earlier this semester.  Surprisingly they were very open to the idea of coming to the expedition, because when we first approached them for interviews they seemed very apprehensive about doing the interviews, overall it was a very good experience.


Today’s Interviews

Today I was an interesting interview day. we were interviewing a nice man named Kevin, but of all a sudden some lady started talking about her life as a stylist and it was kind of scary because she would be passive aggressive and would stare at us kind of angry. when she finally left 30 minutes later of her ranting then we moved to nice ol Kevin and finish his interview. Then we went bucket Urbano.

23 Word Poem

Every day we work TOGETHER

a COMMUNITY of which if

One falls then we all

fall TOGETHER but TOGETHER we all shall






This mood board represents a sense of unity and community