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Why City Journalist

Information changes as technology is more accessible to everybody. Everyday stories are available in seconds thanks to fast connections as well as the improvement in quality and number of apps. The cellphone is no longer an element that is used only for the purpose of making phone calls, but is the tool to connect with your social networks, photos, videos, geotag and hashtags.  Thanks to cellphone videos and photos, people’s innocence or the abuse of power have been documented and exposed.

In this project the lead artist Lina Maria Giraldo works with the teen artists and their cellphones to interview the Egleston Square Community.  We concentrate on the Washington Street area, particularly the places where they share interests: its businesses.  From convenience stores and barber shops to restaurants. Our goal would be to provide them with a voice that seems to be forgotten in the struggle of quick gentrification and strong differences of cultural backgrounds.

City journalist  brings authenticity to keep their people together and decrease apathy in their surroundings. Stories have the ability to change the world. In order to unite our community, every story counts.

The artists gather information following the principal of collective storytelling using their cellphone. We would touch on the following:

How can local businesses continue to maintain Egleston Square’s identity?

How hard has their community been affected by the influx of new homebuyers?

Are the business being affected by the spike in the rent in Jamaica Plain?

How can we improve diversity and integration in Egleston Square?

Memories from the personal life and their business.

The project will investigate these questions through the teen artist’s eyes using their cellphones as tool for gathering stories and relate with them with their geographic location, incorporating a social network like Instagram .

The artists will be divided in groups and go to the interviews throughout the class. We would introduce and identify ourselves as artists/journalists and create a relationship with the community.


1st Mock_Up YMCA possible scenarios



Scenario 1:

The window next to Santander Bank
The grid window at YMCA
Jackson Glass Building
Bravo Pharmacy
Caribbean Consultant


Scenario 2:
Jackson Glass Building
Anique hair Style

The grid window at YMCA
Bravo Pharmacy
Caribbean Consultant

Scenario 3:

Do all the event at the YMCA

October 23rd questions work in progress

What is your idea for the final iteration of the project?

We are going to have 4 rear projections in historical Egleston Square. The final pieces are going to be a composite video of images, video interviews and Photography from the Businesses we have visited so far and text based on the interviews.

I’m also going to have the interactive map from the Instagram feeds.

Possible site/s for final piece

The Jackson Glass Building x 2
Anique Salon
Caribean Consultant

Optional – Video Underground

In the next couples of weeks we are going to start showing videos in the Monitors of:

Boston Express
Bruno Pharmacy

Duration of piece / tentative schedule

Btw 1 min and 2 min (we haven’t defined the length yet)
During the festival the pieces will be running from 2 to 4

Props/Sculptural Elements/Set

Screen Material
Power Sources

Who are the stakeholders (neighbors, business owners, community leaders, etc)? How will they be involved?

Luis Cotto from Egleston Square Main Street: We are contacting business owner to do the interviews and helping to reach the owner of the building for the possible projections sites.

William from Millennium Restaurant: He has offered his restaurant to help with the process of the interviews.

Elvis from Throne barbershop. We are interviewing him next week. And we would like to create a system where we could go back and take more photos of their patrons

Kevin from Video Underground. Go back and take photos of the community and interview the costumers.  We also interviewed him last week.

Manuel from Boston Express. We’ll be  showing videos on the screen of Boston Express Office.

Officer Carlos is going to help us with an interview.





Composite Mood Board


Questions Spanish Tranlation

Tips for a good interview.
Welcome: Explain who you are and the project
Preparation: Inform your interview some of the question you are going to ask
Place: Make sure you and the interviewee are comfortable
Interview: Use your prepare questions. Trust your instincts.  If you finds something that move you try to ask more questions
Final: Get his/her info email or phone so you can invite them to see their website or invite them to the final exhibition

General Questions
How can local businesses continue to maintain Egleston Square’s identity?
Como su negocio puede ayudar a mantener la identidad de Egleston?

How hard has their community been affected by the influx of new homebuyers?
Cuanto le ha afectado a Egleston la alta influencia de nuevos compradores en Jamaica Plain?

Are the business being affected by the spike in the rent in Jamaica Plain?
Han sido sus negocios afectados por el increment de la renta en Jamaica plain?

How can we improve diversity and integration in Egleston Square?
Como se puede incrementar diversidad e integracion en Egleston

Personal Background

What is your name?
Como te llamas?

When and where were you born?
Donde y cuando nacio?

 Where did you grow up?
Donde crecio?

What is your best memory of childhood? Worst?
Tiene alguna memoria de su infancia que quiera compartir con nosotros?

Regarding the Business
How long have you been on Egleston Square?
Cuanto tiempo lleva viviendo en Egleston Square?

What do you sell?
Cuales son sus servicios?

Who are your costumers?
Quienes son sus clientes?

Do you have any favorite stories about your clients?
Tiene alguna buena historia con sus cliente que le traiga Buenos recuerdos y quiera compartir con nosotros?Do you

What lessons has your work life taught you?
Que lecciones le ha ensenado la vida