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Egleston Winter Fest

_DSC1862 _DSC1876 DSC_1857 DSC_1859This saturday, was the Egleston winter festival in which Urbano was hosting. We finally got to see all the projects we worked so hard on be put in to play and able for the whole public to see as well. I was apart of two groups, City Journalists and Public Art Take Back. In public art take back we had to perform in front of a very big crowd. We honestly weren’t expecting that much people, be we played the interactive games with them, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. As for City Journalist it was amazing to the see the installations that we worked so hard to build up. The instagram piece was very nice and overall in both presentations it was nice to be able to share your art with other people. As for the other projects they were very nice as well, especially the installations in the library from Searching Lines. Above are a couple pictures from the event.


On November 17, 2015 Lina, Danajae, and I took a stroll down to Millennium Restaurant and Grill. As we walked into the vivid space of Millennium, the bright yellow walls hit me like rays of sunlight.. literally. The aroma of all my favorite Dominican foods made my heart melt. Immediately one of the workers came to greet us and ask for our orders making us feel very welcomed. The sound of the latino costumers ordering their food and conversing echoed the bright walls of Millennium as we waited for our food. In a matter of minutes these big plates of food arrived at our table. As I take the first bite of my moro and pollo guisado I instantly fell in love. The food was great. The people were great. What more could I ask for?

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Egleston Second Interview

Today we had two successful interviews. The first was in the Caribbean Consultant. We interviewed the owner named Violet, a very kind bubbly women. She was very open from the gecko and was very willing to answer all of our questions. Her workers seemed very willing as well, and didn’t mind us taking photos of their work space. The other successful interview that we had was in Medicias, the man we interviewed was also extremely friendly. And seemed like he actually wanted to share with us. It took a little bit because he had a few costumers, but it went very well. He cooperated and seemed like he enjoyed speaking to us.

Interviews commentary

My first day interviewing was very interesting. We first visited Millenium Restaurant and grill. In which we interviewed the owner of the restaurant, a very kind man willing to share his story. We learned about what he thought about living in Egleston and how it has changed since he first was in Egleston.  We then visited another local business, but this time a barbershop. At first none of the men were to willing to be interviewed, but very kind about it. The barbershop seemed to have a very kind atmosphere between the workers. We did end up interviewing one of the workers, and it was very informative.

Below are some of the photos:

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Egleston moodboard #2

Daniella and Jackie Moodboard