So in the  last 3 videos ,we learned many different ways for art to be expressed like in  Jonathan Harris’ Collective stories where he basically went on a journey to a family of Inupiat Eskimos on their annual whale hunt where he walked around with a go pro made a slide show that reacted to the feeling of the moment, where he made the slideshow the same speed as his heart rate.

My favorite video would have to be “Chimamanda Adichie” she talks about how when she was in college she would write stories and her characters would be the opposite of who she is. She’d write about white characters with blue eyes her professor didn’t  really expect that he expected her to write about the struggles  that  she faced and about being African, but how does being African and being from a different culture make you from a different species?  her roommate also had different expectations for her.Her roommate didn’t really understand her she actually felt pity for her. A quote that Chimamanda said that stuck with me was “Show people as one thing and only one thing and they soon will become that” Chimamanda story stuck to me because everyday at school I’m faced with stereotypical comments on who I am and my culture, when speaking on her story Cimamanda didn’t seem upset or angered she just made a joke on it which makes feel like life is filled with judgmental comments from others but that shouldnt’ stop you