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Interview Quotes

Some quotes that stood out:

“I saved someone’s life in the neighborhood.”

“People over here are more understanding.”

“8 years ago was a really bad time. There were lots of gangs and shootings.”

Exploring Egleston 8/12/15

We went out to explore and came back with some great photos!
image image

image image

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Interview 8/3/15 -Rainbow Food Shop

My group visited Rainbow Food Shop and interviewed a worker there named Amir.



First Interviews 7/29/15

My group and I got chosen to interview convenience stores in Egleston sq. In total we got 2 interviews. The first one was at Plaza Meat Market; we spoke with Harry, the owner. He talked about how he came to Egleston 25 years ago. He said the the area has changed a lot since then. One thing he mentioned about what he wanted to change in the area was the price of rent coming down. One of his best memories happened in 1989, when he saved another persons life in the neighborhood. The other person we interviewed was the person in charge of Egleston’s Market 11, Francis. He came to Egleston 11 years ago. When asked how the area has changed he mentioned how 8 years ago was a really bad time. There were a lot of gangs and shootings happening, even right in front of the market. When asked who his customers are as a group, he answered that they are a mix of all different kinds of people. From both interviews, we can further understand how the area is changing in different ways and what we can do to get the communities together as a whole.

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Egleston Bus Ride

Our Urbano field trip was a success! Our group got to take the bus through Egleston and capture some pretty great pictures. It was interesting to see Egleston through a different perspective then we would have by just walking. As we were on the way back, the streets were full of busy cars and the bus was full of tired people on their way home after a long day.