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My Experience

Today We had the chance to pass out filers to the people we interviewed earlier this semester.  Surprisingly they were very open to the idea of coming to the expedition, because when we first approached them for interviews they seemed very apprehensive about doing the interviews, overall it was a very good experience.


First Interviews – 7/29

Today we went out to do our first interviews in small groups. My group walked over to video underground to get the point of view from small businesses. We went up and the owner, Kevin, was very nice and immediately agreed to an interview. We started the interview and made it part way through when a costumer began telling her story. While it was interesting she hijacked the interview and spoke for more than a half hour ad then left, without us getting permission to use her story. We completed our interview with Kevin, who spoke about the increasing rent in JP and why he moved to Egleston Square, and then he went on to talk about the wide diversity in people who shop at the store form doctors to children. After that we came back to Urbano. All in all it was a good first experience and gave us a lot of information on how to conduct an interview as well as on a small business’s point of view of the changing environment that is JP and Egleston.

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