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My Experience Interviewing in Egleston Square

Going in and interviewing the different owners and workers of corner stores in Egleston square was a great experience. The three interviews that we did, the men we asked to be interviewed were all willing to participate in our project which made me really excited. The first interview we did was with a man named Harry who owns the “Plaza Meat Market”. I loved hearing especially about how he loves to watch and play baseball and to hear his interesting stories about his past in Egleston square. I really got a little feel of the community through his stories.

The second interview we did was with a man who was in charge of the “Egleston’s Market II” named Francis. This interview was particularly memorable from how personal the interview felt. In the interview he talked about what he would like to see change in the neighborhood for his business to grow which really resonated and made sense to me. My experience while interviewing Francis was very positive and eye-opening.

The last interview that we did was with a worker at the “Rainbow Food Shop” named Amir who’s parents owned the store. He spoke of moving to Boston from out of state and saying that they get a good mixture of people inside the store. Also he spoke of how everyone who comes to the store from the Egleston community is warm and genuinely nice. This really allowed me to discover what type of people come from the Egleston community and made this interview experience special.

The act of actually asking to interview people and putting yourself out there was kind of scary but I think through this positive experience I’ve gained a lot of confidence and willingness to speak to people in the community.

No More Than 25 Words…

Frida peers over domino players, ferociously pounding dominoes on a small plastic table. Names of the deceased mark the concrete. Fresh flowers in full bloom.

Contrasting Egleston

I took and chose these two photos of Egleston for their contrast in content . In one photo there is a garden in Egleston which I never knew existed until now. Inside the garden are fruits, flowers, and a huge, interesting statue of a head that lies in the back corner . I love how this photo captures the hidden beauty of Egleston . Also on our quick walk through Egleston we saw a not so beautiful side of the square that is effecting many cities in Boston: gentrification . The system of bringing in higher priced businesses into a poor or middle class neighborhood can sometimes cause families to struggle with paying their rent. I took a photo of a house that we were near when our  guide through Egleston was explaining gentrification and its affect on the community specifically. These two contrasting photos highlight the good and bad situations within the Egleston Square community.

IMG_1890       IMG_1900