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Video notes

Out of the 3 videos we watched the ones that really caught our attention was Collecting stories and Danger of one side of the story. This caught our attention because it shows how people from different parts of the world feel. And how he went to a part of Asia and took the photos of people there with a balloon and their wishes on the balloons and how he took a photo of their hands , because everyones hands tell a story. The video Danger of one side of the story I liked it because she showed us a different way to think about things. How we shouldn’t only hear one side a story because then we are ignorant to the actual truth and we will forever create stereotypes and assumptions.

test map

Monday July 20th

Monday July 20th

  1. Discussion about mood boards each group has 5 min to present (20 min)
  2. Each student is going to upload their image to the blog and we are going to have a walkthrough the blog (30 min) add a caption
  3. Separate in groups of 4 discuss with your group and write down in your journal (30 min)

-Write the conclusion in the blog of what was their experience.

-Write the key points:

-what they observe

-what type of community Egleston Square has

-what type of stores.

  1. Write a story no longer than 25 words. Be prepared to read a story in class (30 min)


  1. Create a logo to be printed on the baseball cups. (60 min)

– Steps of how to create a logo
– Work as a groups

-We are going to meet as a class an choose the logo that best describes us


Assignment: Create a bio story using your cellphone, use as a reference the writing you made about yourself



Wednesday July 15

Day 2: Wednesday July 15

Objectives/Goals:  Understanding what collective storytelling is and how to use it to portray a community

– Conversation of the readings (10 min)

Watch this videos and websites during the class

Humans of new york
The IS collective
Sandy Storyline
Gabriel Barcia_Colombo
Something Happened Here
Spencer Tunick
Facebook Stories

Discussion of the videos during the class

-Understanding Mood Boards

Definition: an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept

Visual Mood Board for a future documentary film



The students are going to do a physical and social research of the area. This could be made through photography, drawing or writing and tell a story using their research.

Reading: Telling Tails by Tim Obrian

Do historical research of Egleston Square either online or library

Assessments: Write the conclusion in the blog of what was their experience. Write the key points of what they observe, what type of community Egleston Square has, what type of stores.  

Write a story no longer than 25 words. Be prepared to read a story in class


Differentiation:  The students will be divided in groups during their time in Egleston Square.

Monday July 13

Day 2: Monday July 13

Topic for the Week: Understand Storytelling and the how to use collective storytelling to portray a community

Small introduction of the class ( Give the syllabus to the students and give the students a walk through to the blog) (10 min)

Jonathan Harris TED Talk on Collecting Stories (25 min)

Introductions of each of the students 2 min presentation each of whom they are (30 min)

Why are you here? and what are you expectations of the class?

Chimamanda Adichie TED Talk: The danger of a single story (20 min)

Aaron Koblin’s (15 min) (6 min)

Tehran Without Permission(5min)

Talk about the videos provided in class (20 min)

Let’s talk about the Commons

What caught your attention at the walk?
If you can change or improve something about the Egleston community what this will be
What is the Commons
What is gentrification?

The Commons

The Laundromat Project

96 Acres


End of class:


1st log entry

Your bio: The students will write a paragraph introducing themselves in a small bio. Who are they? Where are they coming from? Interest? Dreams in life

1st impression of Egleston Square if you took photos please uploaded to the blog


Reading for next class
Boston Street Cars
History time: The origin of Egleston Square’s name

Egleston Square Franklin Park Coalition