City Journalist: Documenting our neighborhood with cellphones

Throughout summer and fall 2015, Urbano Project’s Art Teens and lead Artist Lina Maria Giraldo have been interviewing the Egleston Community.  The project is concentrated on the Washington Street area, particularly the places where the community shares interest: its businesses. The group visited barbershops, accessories shops and restaurants among many others. They welcomed the Art teens with their answer about the community, their businesses and the stories they shared. Topics included gentrification, their different backgrounds, clients and rent increase. The goal as journalists was to create a digital portrait of the beauty of the Egleston Community that portrays their challenges, hopes and backgrounds.



City Journalists collected their stories as they explored the square and looked for different locations were these could be projected. The pieces were finally located at the YMCA, Caribbean Consultants and the Jackson Glass Building as well as the screens at the Bravo Pharmacy. The YMCA piece took advantage of the large 4 x4 square grid and created a live Instagram slideshow of all images including hashtag #eglestonus


City Journalist in conjunction with Urbano project and Egleston Square Main Street produce and organize the 1st Egleston Winter Festival. We had performance, spoken word music, rear video projections, video mapping and more. For more info about the festival click here